Show & Event Facilities

Looking for a helping hand in the pre-production or production of an event? Show & Event Facilities was created to answer this request. Specialized in shows and festive events, Show & Event Facilities deals with the preliminary contacts, the visit of the places, the calls for tenders before the "show". General organization of the event from A to Z, through contacts and planning of artists and technicians, the organization of the reception of the public, sponsors, VIPs and the media, the cleaning and the security of the places or contacts with the authorities are some of the tasks performed by Show & Event Facilities during an event.

Show & Event Facilities recently contributed to the birthday festivities of a Brussels Shopping, several corporate festive events, an annual outdoor music festival, ...

Christian Germis
Show & Event Facilities.

General governance of event and show.

+32 479 84 87 02
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