Pauline Caplet

Pauline Caplet is a young 21 years old French photographer living in Brussels and specialized in portrait photography. From her beginnings in the world of photography, Pauline showed an early talent and a particular determination. Attached to art from an early age, she discovered and became passionate about photography at the age of 12. Using photography as her main medium of expression, she offers us various series of photographs such as “Black” and “Light” (about the world of fashion) or “Your story” (story about seniors). Globetrotter in the soul, she also creates the series “The faces of the cities” (portraits of people she meets in the streets of Brussels or in his various trips to Europe.

She draws inspiration from the emotion of her models and takes a special look at the light outside : her timeless portraits are steeped in history and reveal a particularly poetic look at the world around her.

It is thanks to its ability to grasp the very essence of the present moment through its images that it was quickly the object of the attention of a new public and eager to see more.

She exhibits in France and Belgium his series of photographs since the age of 14 years. Pauline won various photo competitions, published several books of her artistic works, and was the subject of numerous press articles.

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Some references :

Photographer for B4moda, blog street life in Istanbul

ELLE magazine (be & ne)

Exhibition Brussels Fashion days Brussels baxton studio assistant (wet collodion technique)

Photographer at Fashion Night Musem Brussels

Coordination Assistant on the Festival "in the shadow of the moon"

Assistant at Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux (Brussels)

Pictures for Synapse agency (Brussels)

Publication Flanelle Magazine Montreal (magazine that focuses on art, fashion and photography, brings together new talent from around the world)

Collaboration with Elise Lucas, Alice Godin (stylists)

Cannes Film Festival 2012

Trip to Nepal (Exhibition in the Ardennes, cardboard of Reims ... book "the faces of Nepal)

10 photos selected for GEO magazine (photo series "portraits of Nepal")

Photographer for music festivals and concerts

Program assistant, support for photo projects at Recyclart (Brussels)

Assistant photographer on Pete Doherty's shoot (for Rolling Stone magazine)

Photographer for town halls and cultural centers (Fr & Be) Selected photos photo rock Jean-Pierre Leloir: exhibition gallery Le Lieu in Lorient (56)

Material: Nikon D800, Mamiya 645, Polaroid ee55.