Olivier Taquin

Olivier Taquin is above all a huge crush, an artist like my amateur clown heart loves them. When I discovered the video of the brothers Taquin, emotion and wonder invaded me and I tried to find out more. That number, I wanted it, I saw it in our festival. So I looked for the contact and sent an email to Olivier. Do not ask me how it happened next, I just remember the first meeting. Olivier was very interested in our project and wanted to know more about it, to meet us. And there, wawwwwww ...... We discovered a simple man, full of humility, endearing and visibly clown everyday. Coup de coeur a second time.

Then Olivier wanted to participate in the organization of the festival, as far as his schedule allowed. And a meeting with our director, with Roger (our Mr Loyal) and with Jérémie (then in charge of the communication) was organized at Olivier's. There, something else happened when he greeted us, something that upset me internally: it was the clown who opened the door and spoke to me. After a moment of surprise, my clown began to respond, clumsily, but he dared to try.

From there, I waited impatiently on July 2, 2017. And when I attended in life the number of brothers Taquin, emotion and wonder were again inside me. Coup de coeur a third time.

There I knew I had found THE godfather we needed, who could guide us, with whom I could get along and move on. A few days later, I asked him to become our godfather and Olivier said yes.

Here is the beautiful story of a Belgian coup de coeur.

Thank you Olivier, from the bottom of my heart.