The artists that performed
during our 2017 festival

Albertine Bouldegum

Trained in communication in the performing arts and dissemination techniques in the field of continuing education and leisure, Catherine Gerard starts her experience in Africa. After returning to Belgium, in 1997 she founded the Ateliers d'expression Théâtrale Bouldegum in Braine-l'Alleud. Very quickly, she discovers the clown and follows various formations to discover the masked game and the mime. She gives life to her storytelling clown Albertine Bouldegum, who will tell us the legends of our region on July 2nd. Meet at 12:15 on the festival place on the outdoor area. Show for everyone from 6 years old.

Kili & Manjaro

Conquering a summit, Kili and Manjaro lead the public on a dreamlike and wacky hike. They are ready, trained for months, they go for a risky climb. They will open in the mountain a way still unexplored. This hike has many surprises: an imaginary landscape will appear in which the reality will turn into magnificent views, from simple roads to dangerous rivers to cross. The viewer will become the traveler of this wacky landscape.

Sherloc et Tadeloc

Sherlock and Tadeloc take you into a world of magic totally, awkwardly, innocently clown. If you have not understood anything, do not worry, them either!

Patito et Rose Aline Monró

Patito, a poetic clown with a pure gaze and infinite tenderness, all in emotion and clumsiness, and Rose Aline Monró, mundane clown, custodian of the ancestral traditions that she does not hesitate to share by will or force ... "have not never cease to meddle with everything "... One offers his purified look while the other maintains mundane conversations with the accents of a past century.

Anita le clown

A clownette out of the ordinary with a punch foolproof !! Always in a good mood, warm, she brings a touch of tenderness and cheerfulness. She loves children, parents and also many grandpas and grannies.