Edge Communication

Serge Dielens leads numerous large-scale communication projects for a large number of companies, both in B2B and B2C, deploying a subtle blend of pragmatism, creativity and marketing communication skills. Today it helps brands and personalities to make themselves (re) known and inspire confidence.

First in charge of organizing events and external communication in the non-profit sector and in the humanitarian sector (general public), he then worked as a freelance journalist for various print media. After having created the public relations agency (1990), which will provide Brand PR management for a decade for subsidiaries of international groups including Levi Strauss & Co, Toyota, Unilever (AX, Lipton), MTV Networks and Laboratories Besins International, Serge specializes in his activities since 2002 in to support brands to communicate creatively in the jungle of media and increasingly digital technologies. Serge creates and then supports strategic communication action plans "phygital" (PHYsical + diGITal + sociAL), thanks to personalized communication strategies, combining both internal and external content management with an approach that is sometimes outbound and sometimes inbound marketing ( fruit of 35 years of experience).

In the age of ubiquitous digital technology, where everyone becomes their own medium, the expression ‘The customer is king’ has never been more relevant. A negative review / comment on social media can destroy an entire reputation. In response to this development, Serge has since 2007 invested heavily in influencer marketing and e-reputation management and brand building / maintenance (employer brand & personal branding); both for start-ups, liberal professions and consultants, as well as for very small businesses and SMEs. He advises / trains / coaches his clients to develop their brand image, improve their visibility and increase their credibility.

e-Reputation manager

Edge Communication