Artists 2023

Roger Goës, alias Monsieur Loyal

Since the first Clownmania festival, Roger (from Nivelles) has been the presenter/heater/poet in his spare time at the Clownmania festival.

Calixte de Nigremont

A colorful and verbose character, Calixte de Nigremont is the king of repartee that hits the mark. The shaved and powdered head, the clothing all in lace and from another age, its caustic but never mean patter will preheat your zygomatic muscles with enthusiasm.

Les mangeurs de lapin

Eccentric and crazy, the four rabbit-eating friends dare the most unexpected metamorphoses. They are undoubtedly virtuosos of laughter and the absurd.

Title of the show : Opus 1

All audiences

Duration of the show : 1h10

Le duo Gama

They immerse you in a universe where music is a show, where each piece is a unique and surprising performance. From classical to country through joyful waltzes, nothing escapes them. Everything is served with a good dose of humor and derision.

Title of the show : Déconcerto

All audiences

Duration : 60 minutes

Joseph Collard

With Joseph Collard, the stage becomes a classroom. He thinks he is an English drama teacher whose specialty is body control. He has a clear penchant for whiskey, only tolerates perfection and his mood is affected by imperfection .... and the fairer sex.

Show title: Zic-zag

All audiences

Duration : 60 minutes

Les nez sont lancés

Group of 4 clownettes who will stroll through the streets of Nivelles Centre: Popeline, Camomille, Surotte and Collombelle. In the photos, we see them with their trainer clown, Christian Wéry.

More info about the group : Françoise Block 0496/233 826.

NB: Christian Wéry and Françoise Block have been known and appreciated for decades in the CLOWN sphere in Belgium.


Dressed in black and white, a bit like a Pierrot, he improvises clownish and funny moments with everything he meets on his way.

David Van Herck alias clown Pappel (Theater De bovenste plank)

Clown with a red nose, speechless, ambulatory, plays with the public.

Dutch-speaking (Antwerp), manages a little in French. He's a great guy and super nice, a handsome clown too.

Contact : 0477/30.56.08.