Who are we?

The non-profit association Clownmania was founded on June 8, 2012.

Our association is above all a Belgian spirit, but not only. According to our statutes, the objectives pursued are the following :
- to allow clown artists, without distinction of nationality, to meet, to know each other, to share their experiences;
- promote the feeling of belonging to Belgium throughout the country;
- promote cultural and artistic dialogue and exchange between cultures, mainly in Europe;
- to introduce a wide audience to the world of the clown.

Our main goal is helping the clowns to take their place in the Belgian cultural world, giving them more opportunities to get to know programmers and to be exported, first of all in our country, in Europe afterwards.

Through our festival, we want to make our Belgian artistes known to a wide audience, whatever their mother language, their culture and the region where they live.

The world of the clown is of incomparable richness. It brings people together in the generosity of sharing. And this sharing, we want it also between our Belgian artists, between them and those of other countries in Europe and in the world, to allow everyone to grow in his person and in his game.


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