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Mister Roger

leader showman, balloon sculptor

As a kid, I always wanted to work in a circus, to be the « Roger Lanzack of the star's track ». A few long years later, I made my kid's dream come true as I became the presenter of the Pauwels' circus, and later in France and elsewhere with other circus.

As a leader showman, I play the role of the stooge and keep the public entertained from the beginning until the end of the show. I am also a balloon sculptor and hide behind my serious character a lot of talent that will for sure surprise you.


Marquis Pauwels

Mister Loyal

Son of Alfred Pauwels, alias clown Pepete, Marquis formed in 1967 at Cirque d'Hiver a trio with his father and his brother Charles. Their specialty is acrobatic clown comedy.

They animated also the family marquee and performed in various circuses including Bouglione circus. Marquis will be the right arm of Roger Goës in his role of Mr. Loyal.


Company Krak

Elodie Hatton

Saray Angulo

Gronigo and Juliette


Clownarium of Artaban's Company

Jordi Vidal

Rudy Goddin

Taquin Brothers

Albertine Bouldegum

Sherloc and Tadeloc

Ploum and GG

Typhaine Llinares